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How it started?

BMX is still young on those times and when we saw Cru Jones ripped the back-flip we knew that this is the thing we want to do for the rest of our lives. The thought stays with us for a couple of decades then sometime in August 2007 we just decided to make Fl!p Bykes. Our professions and hard work helped us boost the success of the website and forum. And thanks for the hundreds (and now thousands) of riders who supported us along the way definitely Fl!p Bykes will be a common ground for all riders that shares our vision. We salute you guys!!!

Now Fl!p Bykes is offering High-quality service in providing BMX parts trough-out the Philippines and outside countries as well. Our main goal is to promote the BMX scene in Philippines and show the whole world what Fl!p riders are made of — hard working, dedicated and skillful athletes that can compete globally.

We are riders helping riders!!!

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We Riders Helping Riders

Dearest Riders,

We are happy to inform you that once you bought parts from Flipbykes you’re automatically part of the Flipbykes Family. You already helped the Philippine BMX scene. Aside from the rider’s salary we also save funds to support our events and road trips. We have at least two major events every year namely “Project: Weapon BMX Jam” (mid-year) and “Flipbykes Flatmaster (International BMX Competition)” (year ender) . The funds fills up the gap when we are short of sponsors and it really helps. We are proud to tell everyone that Flipbykes is owned and run by riders, riders that help other riders in need. We help them get expose for sponsorship and demos. We seek potentially talented riders from all over the Philippines and give them the chance to show the world what they’ve got. Our main goal is to take BMX to the next level by giving the riders the power to express themselves through their given talent, we even use our own professional skills in our spare time in promoting BMX through Advertising, Visual Arts and Information Technology. Riders will find their way to new horizons Flipbykes will stand as their first step to the road of opportunities, others will sponsor them but yet still we guide them and help them to achieve their goals, we never give-up on our fellow riders. New projects will generate from Flipbykes that will help develop the BMX scene not just in the Philippines but also the International BMX scene and it’s because of you – the riders who gives us the perspective in reaching our goals. We know the struggle… we’ve been there, we know how BMX started, how it stayed alive and made its way to world recognition with your help – we will all succeed!!!

Truly Yours,



Kris Gironella (BMX Flatland)

“Migz” Serbanda (BMX Street)

Peter Paul Balagao (BMX Park)

Joel Gonzales (BMX Flatland)

Hagz Calaor (BMX Street)

Renz Viaje (Pro BMX Flatland)

Paul Diaz (BMX Dirt / Park)

Ian Gironella (BMX Flatland)